Bicycle Librarian Relocating to Oregon:

Please wish me luck as I make my way to Portland, OR where I can find greater access to opportunities in public libraries! After finding housing, and temporary employment, I’ll be volunteering, applying, and networking my way into a librarian position. My intention is to begin the Bicycle Library again in Portland in collaboration with a local library branch. I’ll keep you updated in blog posts as I become settled, make connections, and continue pursuing librarianship.

Facebook: @bicyclelibrary, @Elanna M Erhardt
Instagram: bicycle_library, elanna_m_erhardt
Twitter: @elannaerhardt

The information below is no longer current. At present, it is a document of the year of volunteer library service I performed for Arcata, California. I will update it when I begin a new Bicycle Library in Portland, Oregon. 

A weekly mobile library on bicycle – Arcata California

~ Saturdays ~

Updates and changes will be posted to this site on the home page


The Bicycle Library endeavors to offer conversation and connection through community outreach with books and announcements from local organizations that encourage collaboration across ethnic, race, economic, disability, and gender diversities.


The Coffee Break – 10:00am

Arcata Plaza – 11:00am

Wildberries – 12:00pm

Janes Creek Meadows Park – 1:00pm

Courtyards at Arcata – 2:00pm



Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.29.02 AM


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Lani is such doing such a great job offering books and conversation to so much of the community! Thank you Lani, and we hope to see you out on your bike more often!

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  2. I appreciate your creative bike librarian job. It is important as a librarian to reach out and offer information. I hope to meet you soon since I am a librarian at CR and sometimes at HPL. Terri Bonow MLIS


      1. Sure, I would like to meet with you. I have been working at CR since 2013. When would it be a good time to meet and in Arcata? I live in Eureka. Sunday or Monday afternoons are good. I am not sure of your schedule? I work T, Th 9-2 at CR. Happy reading, and biking!

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  3. You’re doing Yeo(wo)man’s work! I am in love with your mission! I am also, unfortunately in love with my books. Perhaps when I move out of the area I will donate the ones I can’t take with me to your fine cause. Stay safe on these crazy roads and watch out for unmindful motorists.

    A. Bookman


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